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A new hobby i have developed is photography. (Yes i know the filename has a typo, but i'm too lazy to fix it)

The beginning.

I all began with a Medion point-and-shoot camera which i bought back in 2011. For the first eleven years or so, i didnt do anything with the camera until i found it collecting dust in one of my junk drawers. But in the mean time i took some photo's with my smartphone (something i really hate now).

But the hobby really began with my FujiFilm Finepix S2980. I saw this camera on a classified ads website for a nice price, and i bid on it. The bid was accepted and bought the camera. The rest is history.


The problem with smartphones. (contains rant)

Smartphones are a great start in someones photo carrier, but the problem is the storage.
Back in the day a lot of smartphones had expandable storage in which one could fit a micro sdcard. But nowadays phones come with fixed storage. But thats not really the problem. The problems are as follows


The problem is that all of your photo's are getting mixed with other photo's you receive, download etc.
Just open your gallery, and you know what i mean.


Phones have all a fixed lens. I know some phones come with huge sensors nowadays, but you are really missing the lens system, and optical zoom. Phone manufactures advertise all sort of lens systems now-a-days, but i dont really see a difference.
If you are zooming in with your phone. You are essentially degrading the picture quality,since all phones have digital zoom. So your 50 megapixel photo, isnt really a 50 megapixel photo anymore.


Other thing is power. Phones nowadays come with a fixed battery, that needs recharging.
Yes you can take a (bulky) powerbank with you, but a (decent) dedicated camera comes with replacable batteries. You can also easly source spare batteries, buit in most cases you dont really need that, since those camera's have long battery life (about 300 exposures on one charge on my camera.).

Thats why i like dedicated camera's. You insert a SD-card, you take your photo's, and in the end of the day you remove the SD-card which only contains the photo's you take, nothing else.

So in my opinion, dedicated camera's are way nicer with taking photo's

But dont get me wrong, phones can be a great way to get started into photography.


The Medion camera.

The medion camera has 5 Megapixels (fulllframe), and fully digital zoom (fixed "lens"). Its actually a glorified webcam that takes photo's.
The camera runs on 2 AAA batteries, in my experience it doesnt know what Ni-MH batteries are, since it always shows that the batteries are half empty. And it drains them very quickly. And it acceprs a micro SD-card up to 32 GB in size (SDHC).

The picture quality is comparable with a iPhone 3 camera. They come out of the same era (2011).

Last year i took the crappy medion camera with me (which takes great photo's regardless). But i noticed that i cant take more pictures than 617, after that the counter freezes, and it no longer saves the photo's.
It also drained the batteries on no time, i coukl only take a handfull of photo's on 2 AAA Eneloop (750 mAh) batteries. The cameras takes 2 AAA batteries.

Anyway, i still have great pictures of my vacation.


The FujiFilm camera

Since last week i bought myself a FujiFilm Finepix S2980.
The camera has 14 megapixels (fullframe), 18x optical zoom. And it runs on 4 AA batteries, good for 300 exposures.(I got about 170ish exposures). Storagewise, it takes an SD-card up to 32GB in size (SDHC). But thats more than enough.
It also takes 720p HD video.

Now i take my FujiFilm everywhere i go when there is a oppertunity to take photographs. Next stop with my camera is Dutch Fur Con. I will take photo's of various fursuiters that are attending the convention. These photo's will end up on my furtrack page, where you can help identify and tag fursuits. The photo's i took at the convention will not be shared with the public, because it can put some attendees in jeopardy

After that i am going to Germany (Moselle), i hope to take awesome photo's. And they will be awesome because of the awesome scenery.

Will post the pictures once i find a suitable hosting site :3, and of course took some photo's.
Almost forgot i already have a photo on furtrack with my suit Loebas, although its 16:9 instead of fullframe.