Welcome to my neocities!

My very nice website. Oh look its a marquee, wheee its moving around so i can make a very long text string wheehee

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My website.

Welcome to my place on the internet. This page is still under construction, its always under construction.
I'm adding more things from time to time

Feel free to browse around, you will find my socials on my links page. Here you will find also my furtrack, which is probably the reason why you are here ;).

I ended up not using furtrack in the way i inticipated i gonna use it. Sorry but i find the privacy of all furries in the fandom more important.

If you are searching for a modern linktree page, check out my socials page on fursona.directory Right over here.

I'm really liking YunoHost so far. Sadly i dont have the resources for setting up a mastodon server, since my provider is blocking port 25. Go figure. And the fact my router cannot handle the traffic from the outside web, taking down my whole home network in the progress.


Who am i?

If you want to know more about me, check out my about me page.


Hit me up.

Have something important to say. Take a look at my contact page for my IM handels,and e-mail adress



Thank you neocities for hosting my free homepage, i really appreciate it


Whats new:


This website is created with Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0 on Windows 10.

Its reccomended to view this page on a horizontal screen. So not on your smartphone (like it used to be in the old days).

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